About the project

Twenty Minutes with Nature started while I was working temporarily in a section of my office with no natural light in the middle of winter. I walked to work in the dark, got out for 20 minutes at lunch and then walked home in the dark. It was a bit of a bummer and I needed a daily ritual to connect myself back to the natural world on days where I probably wouldn’t see much, if any of it.

I’ve since moved on job and location wise but I found myself enjoying my daily ritual of creating art based on the things I love most: birds, other animals and nature. It’s my reason to get up in the morning, a great way to warm up for the day and a way to challenge myself and practice my skills with a paint brush.

The rules are that the subject matter be something from the natural world and it has to be done within 20 minutes. Those are my only rules.

I paint whatever is around me and my home in Victoria, BC and Vancouver Island. I do travel occasionally and try to note it when I do. As far as media goes, I tend to stick to a paint brush loaded with gouache and black and white acrylic on multi-media paper. When I travel I favour watercolours with a black fountain pen with a soluble ink.

I use reference either taken by me or by my adventure buddy and fellow bird enthusiast, Shayne Kaye. Exceptions are noted.

I don’t know how long I’ll make my little timed paintings of nature but I love them and can’t imagine my day without the ritual. I hope you enjoy them as well!