About Twenty Minute Art

Twenty Minute Art is my home for the projects I do that are focused around keeping up a consistent art practice, no matter what. I work a full-time day job and enjoy about three million hobbies and I believe it’s both important and possible to enjoy art in a serious way while balancing all the other priorities in one’s life.

All the projects featured here will have a theme, some kind of constraint and focus on consistency. I started with “Twenty Minutes With Nature” which was a series of paintings I did of the natural world, every day, in 20 minutes or less. I completed 600 paintings for “With Nature” and I believe the secret to my success was the very carefully chosen time constraint of 20 minutes. I was always able to find 20 minutes. A couple of times, I couldn’t find 20 minutes until 11:40pm, but I did it!

Abstracts, is another daily mixed media piece focused on non-representational art. I didn’t set a specific time constraint for myself but they were to be short meditations and not fully composed pieces. The goal was consistency, but it was also to force myself to play, experiment and express myself in new ways that can feed back into my other art pieces. Abstracts went on for a month and I found myself satisfied with the relatively short run of the project. Abstracts weren’t for me!

My current project, “Twenty Minutes With Kat” is a return to the 20 minute time limit with a daily focus on personal stories and personal work. I want to explore vulnerability and the parts of myself I find hard to express in my usual work. I also want to try and relate to others in new ways that my previous work didn’t.

Art is flexible, and I’m making it fit into my life instead of making my life fit around it. I encourage everyone to do the same with whatever passion they’ve been ignoring for fear of never having enough space.

Kathryn Lancashire is a web developer, artist and bird enthusiast living in Victoria, British Columbia. She primarily works with gouache paint and other water-based media combined with pen and ink. Kathryn’s pieces often revolve around bird life both realistically and in fantastical ways. You can see more of her art at http://klancashire.com and please enquire about shows and commissions either by email (kathryn@klancashire.com) or using the contact form.

Artist photo by happydesigns